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Texas Cures Education Foundation (TexasCures), a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization based in Austin, Texas, was founded for the purpose of advancing knowledge of the life-saving work that doctors and researchers perform every day on behalf of patients and their families. Texas Cures facilitates stem cell public education for the betterment of healthcare and the […]

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We believe that everyone must embrace and understand current and future applications of marketing science and the benefits of using a growth hacking agency in order to ensure innovative market leaders are brought to forward and made available to local buisnesses. Awareness and understanding of recent science, research and mathematics are essential to […]


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Scientific discoveries and innovative technologies impact our lives every day.  New advancements with roofers get passed down, which hold great potential to benefit society and continue to provide hope for a better tomorrow.  Cure based research inspires the community and is a key component to better health care and disease prevention. Texans must understand, embrace and support the research efforts across […]

2015 Updates

April 2015
Study Looking at Potential Therapy for Leg Pain That Affects Millions
PAD affects between 8 million and 10 million Americans. The primary leg symptom is called “intermittent claudication?, which can manifest as aching, cramps, numbness or feeling of fatigue in the leg muscles. These symptoms occur in approximately 1 million to 3 million sufferers of the disease. Texas Heart Institute Recruiting Patients With Peripheral Artery Disease for Adult Stem Cell Trial

December 10-12, 2015 | #WSCS15
2015 World Stem Cell Summit

News & Events

  • The Future of Treating Heart Disease Is Now (2015)

    At the Texas Heart Institute, the future of preventing, diagnosing, and treating heart disease is now. A look at the many ways including regenerative medicine, stem cells, genetics, imaging, and artificial devices, in which we are transforming the future of medicine through our programs in improving patient care, research and education. Video Link

  • Pioneers of Medicine | JTW 2

    Texas Medical Center's “Pioneers of Regeneration”

    Across the Texas Medical Center, scientists and physicians are leveraging stem cell and regenerative medicine research to usher in a new era of treatment. (Read Full Article by Alex Orlando, TMC |News)

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    2014 Stem Cell Action Awards

    Five honorees have been selected for the 2014 Stem Cell Action Awards. For 10 years, the Genetics Policy Institute (GPI) has honored the stem cell community's top innovators, leaders, and champions. Today's announcement in Texas by GPI Executive Director Bernard Siegel to leaders and supporters of San Antonio's biomedical sector renews San Antonio's commitment to […]

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    You can help Texas Cures advance public education about lifesaving medical research. Your contribution helps us continue to inform the pubic and keep our leadership up to date.  Your contribution will provide committed support for advocacy, education, and outreach programs.  

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    Support for Medical Breakthroughs

    Exxon Mobil Corp awarded $18 million in grants to Houston health care facilities. The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center will receive $10 million, the Texas Heart Institute will get $5 million, and $3 million will go to Texas Children’s Hospital. Read Full Story: Exxon Mobil donates $18M to major Houston health care institutions […]

  • Life sciences destination of the world

    The Texas Medical Center is the largest life sciences destination in the world. With 106,000 employees, 54 institutions, and thousands of volunteers and patient visits, over 160,000 people visit Texas Medical Center each day… Learn More about the Texas Medical Center

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    Stem Cell Awareness Day 2014 | October 8, 2014

    Every family knows they are one phone call or one diagnosis away from needing what stem cell research can yield for us. – Nancy Pelosi, U.S. House of Representatives Wednesday, October 8, 2014 marks Stem Cell Awareness Day, which brings together organizations and individuals around the world working to ensure that we realize the benefits […]

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    Heart grown from stem cells

    Video: This is how a living, beating heart is grown from stem cells From science fiction to a real-life breakthrough, what's happening right now in a Houston medical lab will change thousands of lives forever. Researchers are building new organs — hearts and kidneys — they hope will eventually be viable for transplants. Read More […]

  • BBC's Dara O Brian' s Science Club Adventures in Time, Recreating a beating human heart.

    Doctor, team build transplantable hearts

    Feb. 19, 2014: From science fiction to real-life breakthrough, what's happening right now in a Houston medical lab will change thousands of lives forever. Dominique Sachse reports. via Doctor, team build transplantable hearts.    

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    Immunotherapy-based Treatment for Childhood Cancer

    Grants Support Baylor Researchers’ Immunotherapy-based Treatment for Childhood Cancer Two Baylor College of Medicine researchers, Dr. William Decker and Dr. Cliona Rooney, have received grants from the nonprofit organization Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to advance their immunotherapy-based treatment approaches for childhood cancer from the bench to bedside. Decker, assistant professor of immunology at Baylor, and […]

  • Power of Hope

    Bernie was a courtroom attorney, and a cancer and Hurricane Andrew survivor. For fun, he owned a minor league basketball team and became commissioner of a pro-wrestling federation. A decade ago, he ignited a media firestorm when seeking a guardian for the alleged clone, “Baby Eve.” 18 months later, he found himself at the United […]

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    NIH names UTHealth Regional Stroke Center

    NIH names UTHealth as one of 25 regional stroke centers The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) has been named one of 25 regional stroke centers by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the only one in Texas. “That UTHealth is the only center with this designation in the state and […]

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    Texas Hosts World Summit

    San Antonio to Host 2014 World Stem Cell Summit International Regenerative Medicine Community to Convene for 10th Anniversary Summit in Texas, December 3–5, 2014. SAN ANTONIO, TX (Meltwater) September 18, 2013 — Genetics Policy Institute (GPI), the producer of the annual World Stem Cell Summit, is announcing today at BioMed SA's 8th Annual Julio Palmaz […]

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    World Stem Cell Awareness Day 2013

    Wednesday, October 2, 2013 marks Stem Cell Awareness Day, which brings together organizations and individuals around the world working to ensure that we realize the benefits of one of the most promising fields of science in our time. The day is a unique global opportunity to foster greater understanding about stem cell research and the […]

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    Texas Heart Partners with A&M Vet School On Stem Cell Therapies

    New Center will play a key role in securing Texas’s very critical emerging role in biotechnology. |   Read Full Story The Texas Heart Institute in the Medical Center is now partnering with The Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences.  The two institutions will share a $3 million dollar award from Governor Rick […]

  • Texas Commits to Cell and Organ Biotechnology

    HOUSTON – Gov. Rick Perry today announced a $3 million investment through the Texas Emerging Technology Fund (TETF) to create the Center for Cell and Organ Biotechnology in collaboration with the Texas Heart Institute (THI) and Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences. “This center represents another step toward making Texas the […]

  • How to build a heart

    With thousands of people in need of heart transplants, researchers are trying to grow new organs. Doris Taylor doesn't take it as an insult when people call her Dr Frankenstein. “It was actually one of the bigger compliments I've gotten,? she says — an affirmation that her research is pushing the boundaries of the possible. […]

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            September 19-20, 2013 San Diego, California Cell Society 3rd Annual Clinical Meeting Program Details coming soon…

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    MSCs & Cancers: Issues & Opportunities | May 3rd

    6th International Symposium on Mesenchymal Stem/Progenitor Cells | Texas Institute for Preclinical Studies            

  • Dr. Danforth,Doug Mann and Jim Willerson


    Renowned Cardiologist, Dr. James T. Willerson Spotlights New Stem Cell Research To Repair Severe Heart Damage During  St. Louis Visit.   Dr. Willerson discussed findings from a recently released study that could pave the way for new stem cell therapies to treat patients with severe heart failure on May 24 event in St. Louis that […]

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    Texas Stem Cell Research

    October 19th, 2012 in Austin, Texas… Official Program Details & Registration

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  • Dr. Eric N. Olson, UTSW Dallas

    Texan Recognized

    DALLAS – April 2, 2012 – Dr. Eric N. Olson, chairman of molecular biology at UT Southwestern Medical Center, is the winner of the 2012 Steven C. Beering Award for outstanding advancements in biomedical or clinical science. Dr. Olson is known for his work at the interface of developmental biology and medicine that identified major […]

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    Community for Cures

    Supporting research that can positively impact the lives of millions of humans living today with disease and injury helps protect hope for advancing cures.  Texas Cures provides the public with current and relevant information about the lifesaving research conducted in Texas and beyond through educational events and unique awareness campaigns. We invite you to register […]

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    Stroke Leaders Unite

    Clinical Trails for Cell-Based Therapies in Stroke World Leaders Gather in Washington D.C. By Keri Kimler | December 10th, 2011 A stroke leaves a permanent gap in the brain that can destroy a person’s ability to speak and move normally. The good news? This may not have to be permanent in the not too distant […]

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    Uniting the pro-cures community.

      Scientific advancements in stem cell science and the biomedical research can lead to treatments and therapies for incurable diseases and medical conditions for which doctors have few or no effective options today.  In many different ways, stem cell research provides the keys to developing cures.  By illuminating the importance of this research, we strive […]

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