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Scientific discoveries and innovative technologies impact our lives every day.  New advancements hold great potential to benefit society and continue to provide hope for a better tomorrow.  Cure based research inspires the community and is a key component to better health care and disease prevention. Texans must understand, embrace and support the research efforts across Texas to realize the benefits of this important work.

The most promising new era of medicine is upon us thanks to dedicated doctors, scientists, engineers, and clinical research teams across our great state and beyond.  Texas Cures is uniting the community to support their efforts and creating new visibility for advances in the field that are changing the way we approach disease and injury for  millions of  people around the world today.


Who We Are

Texas Cures Education Foundation (TexasCures), a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization based in Austin, Texas, was founded for the purpose of advancing knowledge of the life-saving work that doctors and researchers perform every day on behalf of patients and their families.

Texas Cures facilitates stem cell public education for the betterment of healthcare and the growth of companies, research hospitals and institutions, charities, and volunteer patient group organizations that include a broad range of regenerative medicine stakeholders.

What We Do

Texas Cures strives to synchronize and coordinate the diverse regenerative medicine community in a unified and influential organization of one voice for the ultimate benefit of patients suffering from incurable disease and debilitating injury.

Texas Cures advocates for responsible public policy and encourages legislative and regulatory proposals that expand access to stem cell clinical applications. Texas Cures also fosters relationships to enhance and encourage strategic funding collaborations with Texas based research teams and institutions.


A Unifying Vision to Power Our Goals and Fuel Our Strength