Texas Cures | How to Choose a Roofing Contractor?
Getting a good roofing company to install your roof is as important as installing a new roof. An expensive roof is wasted if installed incorrectly or maintained poorly. Unfortunately, this is a more difficult task than getting the best roof in the market.
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How to Choose a Roofing Contractor?

How to Choose a Roofing Contractor?

Getting a good roofing company to install your roof is as important as installing a new roof. An expensive roof is wasted if installed incorrectly or maintained poorly. Unfortunately, this is a more difficult task than getting the best roof in the market.

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How do I know my roof needs to be checked out?

Your roof will need an inspection and repair if it has the following issues.

  • Water seeping through: Leakage on any roof is a major sign of an issue. There can be many causes for the leak. Improper flashing installation on built-up roofs and modified bitumen roofs are common. Storing materials incorrectly and improper adhesive application can cause leaks and moisture in cold-applied modified bitumen roofs. Membrane roofs made of single-ply can face leakage due to poor seams.
  • Blow-offs: Exposed areas causing blow-offs reduced puncture resistance, and code issues can be caused by improper flashing installation in hot bituminous roofs. Seams not adequately cured on cold-applied mod bit systems can reduce wind uplift resistance. Single-ply roofs run the risk of blow-off and billowing if not adhered properly.
  • Ponding water: Water that pools on your roof are indicative of a leveling Built-up roofs and modified bitumen roofs based on asphalt can be affected dramatically by ponding water and UV rays. Ponding water can be caused by lack of condensate drain lines in HVAC units or dirty drains.
  • Punctures and penetration: Adding new equipment and penetrations to an existing roof will compromise its performance. Taking appropriate precautions is important. All roofs, especially single-ply or spray polyurethane foam roofs face damage from people walking on it. Adding paths or using extra layers of membrane reduced the risk of this issue.

Why you need a good roofing contractor?

Problems with roofs are inevitable as the roof ages. However, incorrect installation only accelerates this process and even causes a different set of problems. The following are potential issues your roof might face with an improper installation.

  • Gutter: The gutter of a roof is essential in directing water away from your building. Loose or improperly installed gutters may lead to roof leaking and poor drainage damaging your foundation.
  • Flashing: Flashing is a sheet metal which is placed on the joints of a roof, vents, and chimneys. It prevents water from seeping through vulnerable areas, and installing it incorrectly does the opposite.
  • Nailing: Incorrect nailing such as driving a nail too deep could puncture the shingle and cause leaks. Shallow nailing doesn’t hold the shingle in place. Types and number of nails used are also critical to a good roof installation.
  • Shingling: Shingles that are loose, sliding off, buckled or non-existent are signs of incorrect roof installation. This could lead to roof leakage and can be an indication of the whole roof installation being incorrect.
  • Improper material preparation: Improper material preparation can prevent the material from adhering properly, can cause wrinkling, leakage, cause the sheets to contract or blister. The sheets of a torch-applied mod bit system require to be relaxed before installation.

How can I know if my roof is installed incorrectly?

If there’s a possibility of your roof being incorrectly installed, you can ask a reputable roofing company to conduct an inspection. They will determine the integrity of the roof and projected lifetime. The inspection isn’t invasive. They use technology like infrared roof inspections to show the temperature of different parts of the roof, showing places where heat could be escaping.

Roof inspections aren’t too expensive and can give you peace of mind. Waiting to get your roof fixed could lead to more damage, shortening the lifetime of your roof.

What should you look for in a good roofing contractor?

  • Local Roofers: A contractor that has an established reputation in your area is highly recommended. Local companies are aware of the weather challenges faced by your roof and give prompt service during emergencies. They are also more likely to serve you within your warranty. A contractor with a physical presence, like an office, is an essential sign of security.
  • Experience: Roofing is a skill that takes years to master. An inexperienced roofer is more likely to make mistakes during installation that will most definitely come back to haunt you later. An experienced roofer, at least five years of experience, has handled disaster situations, covered warranties, and dealt with insurance claims. They’re also more likely to have access to quality materials at wholesale prices due to established contacts.
  • References: A good indication of a reliable contractor is his reputation. If the clients he’s worked with are satisfied with their roofs, chances are you will be too. Asking questions and checking online reviews are highly recommended.
  • Scammer: A good rule of thumb is, if a deal is too good to be true, it probably is. Most scammers know how roofing insurance work and do a poor roofing job. Make sure to check if their vehicle has the roofing company name and phone number. Do not pay in advance and always by credit or debit card. Check ratings online and get a written contract.
  • Keep your options open: Having enough information about the different proposals allows you to compare and choose the one best for you. Do not settle for the first contractor that comes to you. Make sure the company makes a written proposal.
  • Licensing and insurance: Roofing license is a requirement of law in most places. A contractor without a license could be unqualified and could ruin the installation.
  • Emergency services: A contractor that can be reached after business hours during a state of emergency is important. Your safety is of prime concern, and delayed repairs can cause more accidents.

A strong roof over your head is as important as the house you live in. A good roofing contractor and roofing company make your home safe from the elements. Doing a thorough background check along with having information about your options are the best ways to get a reliable roof. Contact Roofer Elite for all your SEO needs.