Banged your Tesla somewhere? Looking for an Auto body paint shop? Find out how to choose one!
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Banged your Tesla somewhere? Looking for an Auto body paint shop? Find out how to choose one!

When it comes to car repairing and auto body painting, it is not an uncommon thing for you to get different estimates from various shops that widely vary based on your requirements and the shop’s ability to produce the finest of their skills. And especially when it comes to Tesla repair cost, you can never expect a small budget list coming around your way; it’s as simple as that! Some might give you just an estimate of $500 while other may turn around $2000, (just an estimate) for all the work right from fixing the dents to big issues while serving as the perfect Auto body paint shop.

However, which one should you
choose? What is the difference between these? Is it Ok to go with the shop that
asks for less for the same services? Or is the quality that matters? Well, here
is a checklist to all what you must consider while selecting a repair shop for
your beloved Tesla.


How the right selection makes a hell
of a difference!

Selecting the best Auto body paint shop, at the very first time can definitely make a great difference to the whole quality of your finished repairing job. As technology has evolved significantly well I the past few years, you now have incredible alternatives to choose from and make the right selection based on your car’s model, its requirement, the level of complication, your budget and relative other factors.

Selecting the best cannot just
totally reduce a great amount of cost involved, but can even give your car the
finished, perfect and starry brand new look that each of your dreams
to get after a repairing or fixation being done. Consider these points and make
the right move!


  • Begin with
    recommendations, they actually matter!

Talk to your credible ones,
acquaintances, family, friends etc about their previous experiences about Tesla
repair shops. You definitely might not the only one owning Tesla in your
circle, nor would you be the first to get it banged in somewhere and now
looking for a good repair. Ask from people about whether they have actually
found a company that delivers superior quality of painting finishes, guarantees
on the work along with incredible customer care and immediate response? If they
nod their heads in yes, you have found the one, if not, the struggle for
searching would continue.

Along with this, you must even consider reading through the trade magazines to figure out about reputed auto body paint shops in and around your area. Companies who usually advertise within such publications have chances of operating in higher end repair sectors. Well, they are advertising, so definitely they have the capacity to generate the finest quality of work which makes them stand out of the crowd.


  • Question-
    whether they are industry recognized? Or not?

Most of the companies that provide you with invincible services at standard Tesla repair cost are the ones who are extremely skilled and are governed by the authorized organizations which are dedicated completely towards ensuring and recognizing those businesses that deliver high-end services and produce the best results in town. These companies are industry recognized for their fortunate reputation that they have maintained and created over a vast span of time with their top quality work and services. So, make sure that the organization which you are probably willing to select, must be truly recognized by reputed trade companies or by the guilds of prolific craftsmen.


  • Original or
    copy, what quality and types of materials do they use!

Well, this is definitely one of the
most critical aspects to consider while selecting a great shop for your Tesla
repair. Why? Would you even want your auto’s mirror, handle, steering or door
getting fitted with a fake copy product? Absolutely not! Today the replicas in the
market are sold with too many extra
additions that you can’t even differentiate which one in original. However,
they will show their reality within a few months itself. Thus, make sure you
select the one that uses only the finest specialist trade products.

The auto repair sector majorly deals with just a few universally recognized suppliers who have got the right products either made or exported from a significant part of the world. So, make sure that the repair shop you go to always have a tie-up with one of these professionals and they always produce the right quality of assistance, immense quality, and products that you need. When it comes to auto body paint shop, make sure you go with the one that uses credible waterborne colors instead of going for the isocyanate-based colors. It is not just safer for the environment but also lasts longer.


  • Inspect all
    the premises; meet them face to face, it is actually essential!

Know who is going to take care of your Tesla, go on and ask them to let you see the place where your auto will be kept and repaired. Tidy, clean and organized workplaces are a sheer remark of commitment towards quality and great professionalism. Don’t think of getting it repaired on lesser Tesla repair cost and falling for a place where you find litters of masking papers, equipment, tools, and other things. In case employees turn out irresponsible towards the place their work, its cleanliness, and maintenance how would they even think of repairing your auto with full responsibility and credibility?

Thus, make sure that you don’t end up falling into these pits and wasting your time! Always make sure that a lot of times price or rate is the direct indication of quality, effective repairing and perfect maintenance that you will get.  A higher Tesla repair cost may sometimes be the sign of great services; however, sometimes they might just be put up to charge extra! Make sure you are smart enough to make the right difference. Also, with a right selection of great auto body repair shop, you can always justify your selection; get your car repaired in the best manner while also enhancing a great bond with your professionals that will work out for your future needs.