Studying stem cells help us understand how cells transform into specialized cells that make us what we are.  A better understanding of normal cell development allows us to understand and perhaps even correct errors that cause medical conditions.

An overwhelming majority of medical experts, medical organizations and patient advocacy groups agree that all types of stem cell research should be pursued.  Dozens of diseases and injuries could benefit from this basic policy and medical researchers believe that stem cells could potentially lead to cures for more than 70 diseases and injuries.


Cancers include:

•    Bladder/Kidney
•    Brain/Central Nervous System
•    Breast
•    Colon/Lower Bowel
•    Endometrium/Cervix/Ovary
•    Esophagus
•    Leukemia
•    Liver
•    Lungs/Respiratory System
•    Lymphoma
•    Myeloma
•    Pancreas
•    Prostate
•    Skin
•    Stomach