Adrian Gee, MI Biol, PhD

Professor of Medicine & Pediatrics
Center for Cell & Gene Therapy
Baylor College of Medicine
(Houston, Texas)

Dr. Adrian Gee received his bachelor's degree from the University of Birmingham, England, and his Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. He did his postdoctoral training at the National Institutes of Health, and the University of Toronto, before taking a faculty position at the University of Florida. There he performed some of the first applications of immunomagnetic tumor purging in the United States, and his laboratory became a central cell processing facility for this procedure. He joined Baxter Healthcare in 1987, where he worked on the development of the MaxSep and Isolex magnetic cell separators.  He co-founded the International Society for Hematotherapy and Graft Engineering (ISHAGE, now ISCT), and the Journal of Hematotherapy (now Cytotherapy) in 1992. From 1992 to 1997 he helped establish the stem cell transplantation program at the University of South Carolina. He then directed the Cell Processing Laboratory at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center until 1999, when he joined the Center for Cell and Gene Therapy (CAGT) at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston.  The CAGT houses GMP manufacturing facilities for vectors and cell therapy products, and has been selected as one of the 5 national somatic cell therapy processing centers by the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute. He was involved in the development of standards for the collection processing and transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells for the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cell Therapy (FACT), the American Association of Blood Banks and the National Marrow Donor Program. He has written more than 180 scientific articles and has authored and edited a number of books on graft engineering and stem cell processing.