Sean I. Savitz, MD

Professor, Department of Neurology,
Director, Stroke Program
Director, UT Stroke Regenerative Medicine Program 
University of Texas Medical School at Houston
(Houston, Texas)

Dr. Savitz  is a neurologist specializing in cerebrovascular disease (stroke and brain hemorrhage).  He completed his neurology residency at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School Neurology Program in Boston.  Recruited from the faculty at Harvard Medical School, he is an Associate Professor in the Department of Neurology and directs the stroke program at the University of Texas Health Science in Houston.  He has built a Stroke Stem Cell/Regenerative Medicine division involving a bi-directional laboratory and clinical research program testing stem cells and other types of cell therapies for stroke.  He has over 80 peer reviewed papers in the biomedical literature.  Dr. Savitz completed the first NIH funded phase I, single arm study in the world on a patient’s own bone marrow-derived stem cells given intravenously within 3 days of the onset of a stroke. In his laboratory funded by the NIH.  Dr. Savitz’s research team is finding that bone marrow cells dampen inflammation and repair damage after stroke in animal models. Dr. Savitz is also leading a randomized controlled trial testing the intra-arterial delivery of autologous stem cells in patients 11 to 19 days after stroke.  He also has led a double-blind clinical trial examining the safety and efficacy of umbilical cord tissue-derived cells for acute ischemic stroke.  Dr. Savitz believes cellular therapy, including the use of stem cells, is a promising new investigational approach for the treatment of stroke. Extensive animal studies have shown that various stem cells and other types of cells enhance recovery from stroke.