Is It Important To Get Your Roof Inspected After A Big Storm?
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Is It Important To Get Your Roof Inspected After A Big Storm?

Owning a home is quite a big achievement for many people. Many people dream of their ideal house from a very young age. Buying a home can be expensive especially if it is in a good place and the house is quite big. There are many things which are important to make a good house, but one of the most important ones among them is the roof. The roof may be the most major part of the house. The roof gives your house a good shelter and also protects it from several things like rain, storm, hail storm, etc. But it is quite surprising that many house owners pay no attention to the care and maintenance of the roof.

There are many ways by which your roof can get damaged quite badly, but the main reason for a roof to get damaged is by a storm. Even though roof’s one of the main purposes is to protect the house from the storm, it may get weak after taking a lot of damage from the storm. A broken or a weak roof can lead to many problems, thus, in order to prevent those, it should be a responsibility for home owners to frequently get their roof inspected by Roofing Contractors.

Reasons to get a roof storm damage inspection

The damage caused by the storm or the wind is not always visible. Even though you can’t see the damage that doesn’t mean that you totally ignore the possibility of what can happen. Some of the reason to get a roof storm damage inspection is-

1.    Depleted materials – A heavy storm or rain can cause the materials of your roof to get weak. Storm doesn’t always leave signs or traces of what damage it has done but slowly it can cause a problem with your roof in the future. As science says, the pressure of the wind increases with the increasing height, we can say that most probability of something getting damaged is your roof, as it is the highest component of a building where the pressure of the wind is quite high, resulting in a high damage caused by the wind or storm.

2.    Wind wreckage – Even though there are very fewer occasions where the storm or the wind can literally tear off a roof unless in very extreme cases where it totally destroys the whole building.  But strong wind or storm has the capability of bashing the roof with whatever they pick up along its way. These things can be sometimes quite dangerous for the roof, some of the things which we can include are stones tree branches, vicious particles in the air, shards of glasses, etc. These can lead to damaging the surface of the roof and can also lead to damage to the core of the roof. This thing can also cause blockage of proper water flow, which can lead the water to stay on the surface of the roof instead of going down into the gutters. This can lead the water to go inside your house.

3.    Vegetation damage – when gutters are not cleaned regularly it can cause vegetation to grow. Due to vegetation even birds land and build their nest on the roof. It can be a huge pain for the owner if the vegetation increases and will be difficult to get rid of it.

How to inspect damage caused by the storm to the roof

1.    Photographs – Taking photographs of the roof can help you in inspecting. The best way is to take a photograph of the roof in an undamaged condition or when it is in its perfect condition. Whenever you are feeling that a storm or a hail is about to occur, you can take a photo of ‘before the storm’ and then compare it with the condition of the roof which is ‘after the storm’. This will help you massively in knowing what damage has been done and if any then where the damage has been done.

2.    Regular inspection of the roof – Regular roof storm damage inspection can help a lot. Frequently checking your roof after a storm can help you have information about what damage has been done after a severe storm. With the help of this, you can record when damage was done and you can know by what the damage was done.

3.    Examine gutters and other places – Examining chimneys, gutters and other exterior parts for damage is also important. You can easily know the damage is by examining those parts once.

4.    Call for an expert – After a heavy storm, it might not be safe for you to get on the roof and examine it. Sometimes the damage occurred can be a lot than what you expect, which might weaken the wall. Thus, calling an expert or a professional for roof storm damage inspection is recommended as they would have good knowledge about it and would safely conduct the whole inspection.

5.    Indoor inspection – After a heavy storm, you should also perform an indoor inspection. You should look for grey/yellow stains, moisture marks, and also peeling paint. You must also check the top floor for a leak.

Reasons why you should keep your roof in good condition

You can keep your roof in a good condition by roof storm damage inspection from Roofing Company, but there are some other reasons as well-

1.    Health concern – An ignored leaking roof can lead to a mildew and a mold to grow, this can lead to a serious health issue. It is better to stop them from spreading as soon as possible cause later it may get more complicated and expensive.

2.    Value of your home – Keeping your roof in a bad condition can depreciate the value of your house. A great looking roof can increase the value of your house, cause many potential buyers tend to buy houses with well-maintained roofs.

3.    Comfort – A roof in great shape may have a good insulation and a good ventilation, which may keep the temperature of your house steady.

4.    Better protection – A roof in good condition will give a better protection to the house than the roof in a worse condition. The roof with a better condition can sustain more damage while the other can get weak or even break.

A roof is one of the most important components of the house, it is important for us to take care of it. It may increase your expense but overall it will be better for your own well being. Taking care doesn’t always mean to repair it sometimes but it also requires regular roof storm damage inspection. Regular inspection can lead to many good things but not doing it may lead to many problems which can get severe and even costly in the contact the best Roofing Contractor for the construction.

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