The Best Way To Treat Depression- TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation)
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The Best Way To Treat Depression- TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation)

These days, depression is becoming quite common. There is tension in everybody’s mind. The depression is basically a mental illness. This can affect the person mentally and physically. It can affect the person’s tendencies, action and their behavior. There are many types of depressions and there are many treatments that are usually medical. There are also many other alternative depression treatment methods that are done according to the suggestion of the doctor or the psychiatrist. There is no need to panic in case of the symptoms. It is not difficult to find a doctor or a psychiatrist to make the patient feel better.

The symptoms:

  • A person affected by depression has a very high chance of not sleeping properly. They tend to stay awake all night and their mind stays disturbed. Some depressed people cannot get out of the bed and tend to sleep more during the day.
  • They will not give importance to their favorite activities anymore. They stop doing things that were previously their hobby.
  • They may be more energetic in doing what they need to do. If something like this is noticed, it is advised to contact a doctor immediately.
  • They have a change in appetite or even no appetite as they tend to care less about themselves.
  • They get irritated for very small reasons and do not find it easy to stay put and calm.

The Treatments:

There are a number of treatments to treat depression, medical and psychological. There are also much other alternative depression treatments like the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. Medical treatments here include taking anti-depressants. These are supposed to be taken only on proper prescription. These can help the patient sleep tight and stay calm. There are also a number of other psychological treatments like:

  • Cognitive behaviour therapy: This is basically working with a professional to work on the thoughts and other behavioural patterns of the affected person. It is very effective for children and adolescents.
  • Interpersonal therapy: This treatment focuses on problems that are focusing on personal and relationship related skills. Many people tend to get into depression because of their relationship issues. This helps in that case.

There are a number of such treatments that help in many other problems and make the patient feel much better. There are also many other treatments like TMS which has a better probability of curing depression. Here are the details about the required treatments.

What exactly is the TMS?

Transcranial magnetic stimulation is an alternative depression treatment method for better relief from the symptoms of depression. It is a form of simulating the nerves to treat the patient properly. This is called neurostimulation. It is to improve working in the small targeted region of the brain. This method works on the principle of electromagnetic induction which states that when an electric conductor is placed in a changing magnetic field, an electromotive force is produced. Here, a magnetic field is applied to cause electricity to flow in the targeted part. The required magnetic field generator is placed on the scalp. This is not enough to get the signals. To receive the signals, the coil is connected to a pulse generator or sometimes even a simulator.

Why TMS?

The TMS is used in diagnosis too. It is used to check the connection of the skeletal muscle with the central nervous system. This can help evaluate any kind of damage in those areas. It is to check if all the brain circuits are working fine. It can be used to diagnose the damage due to motor neuron disease, stroke and many nerve-related diseases. It is also used to treat various depression symptoms like when the illness tends to keep you away from reality. This is also very useful when the depression has been lasting really long.

There are many people affected by depression. There are many cases where the normal treatments don’t work properly. It is very common. Even in many such cases, the transcranial magnetic stimulation has worked. That is the main reason for this coming into being.

The process:

The TMS is not very tough or scary. It is a very easy process. The entire thing can take up to 1 to 2 hours. The patient will be taken into the checking room and will be made to sit very comfortably on a recliner with an earplug on.

  1. After this, the coil will be placed on the head and the coil is turned on and off occasionally. This is to find out how much energy the person requires. The patient will only feel a tapping on the forehead.
  2. This will last for 40 minutes and the reading will be taken and analysed.

The coil is placed on the scalp over the affected area which means you may feel a little disturbance in those spots but the treatment is very effective and the disturbance does not last long.

How to prepare?

  • The patient has to take a lot of physical tests before TMS is taken.
  • In case the patient is planning to get pregnant, it has to be discussed with the doctor.

There are many other cases that the patient is required to discuss with the doctor. If the patient is taking any kind of medications, there is a need to tell the same to the doctor.

So, on the whole, the TMS is the treatment used when other alternative depression treatment methods fail. It is very effective and does not have much side effects. The only point to remember is that there are many other things the patient has to discuss with the psychiatrist before sitting for the treatment. It also has a very good success rate and is very effective for people who have been suffering from depression for a really long time and all the other treatments have failed them. It can help the doctor find out which part of the brain or the neural system is affected. Many insurance companies also cover the expenses for the TMS therapy.